Monday, 20 January 2014

Vertigoo 1.1 IPA Download

Those were dark days. MotherGoo was pregnant and in the end just exploded all over the universe. You have to find nearby planets for its flesh and entrails. If you collect enough, you can restore MotherGoo.Use the change in severity. Miss newborn drops through 40 levels and collect all of the motherboard. 

Oasis: Path to Redemption 1.0.1 IPA Download

You are the last survivor of a dead world and you are in a desperate search, trying to find the legendary Oasis, which can bring life into a barren desert. You will pass the five cartoon worlds through the vengeful spirits who seek to block your way and discover the tragic truth of the ruined world.

High Flyer Death Defyer HD 1.2 IPA Download

High Flyer Death Defyer, is an exciting action packed adventure in heaven Machine City. Be prepared for the coast of your life. Put a jetpack and jump! Follow the story Arreona visit new places and go in search of rare treasures. How Arreon, you will collect treasure, discover floating islands and move quickly through the air to answer one of many questions. How many treasures you have collected? What did you find on the island? Have you received a Golden jetpack? Get radarare and direct Areon through 27 missions in the 3D world.

Dead Bunker 1.30 IPA Download

Dead Bunker - the horror game - it's one of the few games that really make you scared of this.
All gameplay takes place from the first person. You go through a huge old bunker where the incident took place, unknown, after which all employees were either dead or missing. In order to classify all the information on "Bunker - 18", the Soviet government sealed all entrances to the bunker. Here you here and went to his head, something to unravel the causes of the disaster that befell this place.
Dark, gloomy corridors of the bunker, sneaks to shiver. A derelict room in which it seems only recently still working people inspire fear. Every minute of your stay in this evil place, will force the player as soon as possible to leave it. But not so simple, as though you wanted to. After all, we need answers to questions about what happened in the "B-18". Exploring the hopper meter by meter, you will find information that will help solve the later events occurred here. Of classified documents, you learned that there are only five media with encrypted data that will shed light on the "B-18". Stunning graphics, bone-atmosphere and sound will not let you fall asleep at the game.

Darklings 1.1.2 IPA Download

Darklings this epic adventure in the magical worlds. Join Lyumu of wanting to destroy the Darklings. Save Star, save the world. Darkness approaching!
Darklings an endless survival game, where there is a struggle between light and darkness. Darklings stole the stars from the world, which is the essence of light. Our character who is the face of the world, "Lum", trying to save the world, destroy and remove Darklings star. And the people of the world can only hope for a successful action luma ...

Thursday, 9 January 2014

MEGASTUNT Mayhem Pro 1.5.0 IPa Download

MEGASTUNT ™ Mayhem Pro is the perfect sports akshene that mixes racing, talent and total destruction into one thrilling experience. Will you be able to perform difficult stunts with some of the most extreme trucks in the world? After all, these monsters literally electrostatically charged the crowd and get their fans with the right driver ... are you - the one who need it? Your successful actions will bring you cash, which can be spent to improve the already powerful cars!

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project 1.0.8 IPA Download

Duke Nukem is sent to the Big Apple. Using GLOPP, Mech Morphix manic creatures turned New York into the army of bloodthirsty mutants. In Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project, Duke will have to rid the city of mucus and restore peace and tranquility in the city that never sleeps.
Originally released in honor of the 10th anniversary of Duke Nukem in 2002, Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project combines the best elements of Duke Nukem 3D and 2D horizontal shooter the best of the first two games of the series, Duke Nukem and Duke Nukem II
Go back to the time when King akshene did not have regenerative health or avtonatselivaniya when games were actually about the action era when heroes had the strength to carry as many weapons as they wanted to use as many cheats as was needed.